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To support our customers, We provide a variety of after-sales services.

We will provide optimal support, inspections, and maintenance to ensure efficient operation of customers' facilities. We will handle various measures, including renewal construction, relocation construction, and overhaul.

Trouble support

We provide prompt support to customers worldwide through our domestic and overseas support centers. With the knowledge and experience we have cultivated so far, we support restoring facilities.

Inspection and maintenance

In addition to periodic inspections through individual contracts, we make proposals for preventive maintenance based on information on similar machines in an effort to prevent serious problems. We also support our customers by contributing to improved maintainability, including preventive maintenance, recovery support, and operational analyses, through our HFMAPS that utilizes IoT.

Renewal and relocation

We provide various solutions such as equipment modifications and additional installations with new technologies that make it possible to be safer, more productive and maintainable for the existing facilities in our customer's plants.
And we handle relocation works both domestically and overseas. Please consult us the details at the planning stage when you consider rebuilding the production system, relocating facilities to the overseas locations and after-sales service after the relocations.
We also provide comprehensive support to our customer such as overhauling on relocating and after-sales service on modification and relocating.