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April, 2021 [Head Office] Completed rebuilding Second Factory (Machining)
October, 2020 Transferred all shares of ROSECC Co., Ltd.
September, 2019 [Kumasaka Plant] Completed Third Factory (Machining)
April, 2017 [Head Office] Completed construction of factory 7 (service warehouse)
February, 2017 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corporation
January, 2017 Delisting on JASDAQ Stock Exchange
Opened service center in Indonesia
Opened service center in Mexico
September, 2016 [Kumasaka Plant] Completed factory (fusing and welding)
August, 2014 50th anniversary
Opened service center in China
July, 2011 Opened service center in India
April, 2009 Made ROSECC Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary
December, 2006 [Head Office] Completed Sixth factory (assembly)
November, 2006 Listed on JASDAQ Stock Exchange
November, 2006 Increased the amount of the stated capital up to 1,055 billion yen
July, 2006 Acquired all shares of Hitachi Zosen Fukui U. S. A., Inc. (located in Illinois, USA) from Hitz Holdings U. S. A. Inc.
May, 2006 Established a subsidiary in the U.K. (H&F Europe Limited.)
March, 2006 Acquired all shares of Hitachi Zosen Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. from Hitachi Zosen Corporation.
December, 2005 [Kumasaka Plant] Expanded the first and second factory (assembly)
January, 2005 Established a subsidiary in Thailand (H&F Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.)
August, 2004 Obtained ISO14001 Certification
October, 2002 [Kumasaka Plant] Expanded the second factory (assembly)
November, 1999 Won TPM Excellence Award
July, 1999 Merged with the press division of Hitachi Zosen Corporation and changed its trade name to Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation.
February, 1997 Increased the amount of the stated capital up to 567 million yen.
January, 1997 Completed Kumasaka Plant
Kick off Company-wide TPM activities
October 1996 Obtained ISO9001 certification
August, 1995 Expansion of overseas service bases (Thailand)
October, 1986 [Head Office] Expanded factory 0 (assembly)
October, 1985 [Head Office] Completed factory 0 (assembly) and painting factory
December, 1981 Completed factory (fusing and welding)
September, 1968 Completed Large-scale press assembly factory
August, 1964

Found Fukui Machinery Co., Ltd.(The stated capital: 80 million yen), Took over the business of TSUKISHIMA KIKAI CO., LTD. And was affiliated with Hitachi Zosen Corporation<