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H&F Corporation collects a considerable amount of personal information in the course of its normal business activities. The Company understands and respects the value of personal information and ensures that such information is subject to the necessary protection. This is outlined in the Company's Privacy Policy and its commitment to appropriate procedures for personal information.

Basic Principles

  • 1.H&F complies with legislation regarding the protection of personal information as well as associated ordinances and regulations.
  • 2.H&F ensures that all employees are aware of internal rules and stipulations regarding the appropriate collection, use and distribution of personal information and related procedures.
  • 3.The collection and retention of personal information by Hitachi Zosen is subject to sound and appropriate security measures designed to prevent security breaches, unauthorized access, data falsification and data loss.
  • 4.H&F regularly revises and updates the Basic Principles and associated rules and stipulations pertaining to the protection of personal information.