Attractiveness of H&FHandling comprehensive business

TOPHandling comprehensive business

As Total Press manufacturer

We have our own comprehensive organization and provide our products with high-quality and competitive price to our customers. We also support after-sales service after delivery.

R&D and providing solutionsmeeting specifications and sales
We research and develop our products meeting customer's needs and offer solutions on specifications and price. We provide optimal press-forming process in automobile plants to our customers.
Designingcreating drawings for products
We design and improve our products with high-quality and competitive price.
Manufacturingmanufactured in-house
We handle machining, welding, painting steel plates and assembling them at our own plants. We provide highly reliable products by managing the manufacturing process and quality control.
Deliveringinstallation work
We handle transportation, installation work, commissioning and adjustment on site. And we provide technical instructions to our customers upon request.
After-sales serviceinspection and maintenance
We provide periodic inspections, maintenance, trouble support and other after-sales service. We also provide relocation work and renovation work.