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What is a press machine?

This machine applies strong pressure from the vertical direction to a thin metal material (steel plate, aluminum, etc.) and cuts and forms it into the shape of a die attached to the machine.
This machine can also bend, draw and punch the thin metal material depending on the shape of the die.

Where do our press machines work?

Press machinery is one of the indispensable machinery in the automotive industry and is working in automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers. We deliver them to the plant of domestic and overseas automobile-related companies.

Capacity our press machines cover


Height:10m , Width:17m , Line length:22m ,
Weight:Approximately 300ton

Press Capacity Usage
Small size 1,000kN Eyeglasses frames and home appliances
Medium size 1,000kN~5,000kN
Large 5,000~15,000kN Outer panels for automobiles
Super large 15,000kN以上

"kN"stands for kilonewton. 1kN is equal to 102 kilograms.

Types and Features of Press Machines within H&F lineup

Tandem press
This press machine has one die and forms the thin metal materials into the shape of the die. Press line consists of multiple tandem press machines that are arranged as the forming processes like bending, drawing and piercing. Customers can achieve to save its manpower by the arrangements. Tandem press machine works mainly for forming panels for outer and inner of automobiles.
Transfer press
This press machine has multiple dies in its own body. This is a highly productive press machine that can sequentially perform multiple forming processes in its own body. Transfer press works mainly for forming frame parts like front and center pillars and other small parts of automobiles.
Blanking press
This press machine cuts coil into sheets of thin metal material (Called it as "blank"). The blank sheets are transported to tandem press or transfer press.
Laser blanking (laser cutting device)
This device cuts coil into the blank sheets with a laser, without dies. This device can sequentially cut coil and set cutting shapes that are more efficient and minimize scrap.