Servo transfer press

H&F developed the world first mechanical tri-axis transfer press in 1973, after that, a lot of transfer presses are delivered all over the world.
H&F's servo transfer press is designed and manufactured using latest servo technology and based upon the long experience of mechanical transfer press.
In the servo transfer press, slide and feed bars are driven by servo motors and synchronized.
In the servo transfer control system, the capacitor bank is equipped, and in case of power failure, feed bars will be stopped in synchronizing with the slide.
Also servo cushion, improves panel formability and energy saving.

Main Specification

Main Specification
 Press type TFES20000
  Tonnage (kN) 20000(servo)
  Stroke (mm) 750
  Press speed (min⁻¹) ~30
  Bolster size (mm) 6300 x 2300
  Diecushion (kN) 1000(Air,1st)
 Transfer   Servo(Linear servo)
  Feed strok (mm) 750,900,1200,1500
  Lift strok (mm) 100,150,200
  Clamp strok (mm) 250
 Destack feeder   2stage Magnet belt feeder
  Blank size (mm) ~1800 x ~1100
 ◎Specification can be changed according to customer's requiest.
    Line speed may very according to the condition.
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