Main Office and Factory
 Kumasaka Factory
  Oct. 2020 All shares of ROSECC Co.,Ltd. were transferred to KYOKUYO SANKI CO.,Ltd.
  Aug. 2014 Hitachi Zosen Fukui corporation celebrates its 50th anniversary.
  Jul. 2011 India Office merged into Hitachi Zosen India Private Limited
  Apr. 2009 ROSECC Co.,Ltd become subsidiary
  Sep. 2008 India office established
  Dec. 2006 No.6 plant built in Main factory
  Nov. 2006 Listed on JASDAQ
  Nov. 2006 Capital increased to JPY 1,055 million
  Jul. 2006 H&F U.S.A.,Inc. established in USA
  May 2006 H&F EUROPE LTD. established in UK
  Mar. 2006 HZF Services (Maylaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established in Malaysia
  Dec. 2005 No.1 and No.2 plant in Kumasaka factory expanded
  Jan. 2005 H&F Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. established
  Nov. 2004 Won Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment, 1st Category
  Oct. 2004 5-face milling machine installed
  Aug. 2004 ISO 14001 certified
  Oct. 2002 No.2 plant in Kumasaka factory built
  Oct. 2000 Exhibited on 20th Japan International Machine Tool Fair
(Linean servo transfer press and others)
  Nov. 1999 Won Award for TPM Excellence, 1st Category
  Jul. 1999 Hitachi Zosen press department merged and renamed to Hitachi Zosen Fukui corporation
  Feb. 1997 Capital increased to JPY 567 million
  Jan. 1997 Kumasaka factory built
Started TPM activity
  Oct. 1996 ISO 9001 certified
  Feb. 1996 Director-General's Prize, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy awarded
  Aug. 1995 After sales office in Thailand established
  Jan. 1992 Full automation tandem press line developed
  Dec. 1990 FK Hall (Public welfare, conference)
  Apr. 1990 AC servo transfer press developed
  Oct. 1986 Automatic ware house built and No.0 plant expanded in Main factory
  Mar. 1986 Capital increased to JPY 492 million
  Oct. 1985 No.0 plant and painting ship built
  Mar. 1985 Press electronic devices developed
  Oct. 1984 Factory renovated for large press machines
  Apr. 1984 TQC activity started
  Dec. 1981 Large welding shop built
  Oct. 1981 Capital increased to JPY 320 million
  May 1970 Capital increased to JPY 160 million
  Sep. 1968 Large press assembly shop built
  Aug. 1964 Fukui machinery Co.LTD established A menber of Hitachi Zosen corporation capital JPY 80 million
1-8-28, Jiyugaoka,
Awara-city, Fukui-pref.,
919-0695, Japan
TEL +81-(0)776-73-1220
FAX +81-(0)776-73-3055
・Servo Press
・Mechanical Press
・Automation equipment
・Control equipment
・After-sales Services