Environmental Preservation


Philosophy for Environment

Philosophy for Environment
H&F recognize that preservation of natural and life environment in local community is company's social responsibility, and satisfies the demand of  "ISO14001 Standard"  and contribute realizing society harmonizing with environment through the action of environmental preservation activities.
Environmental Policy
In July of 2017 we acquired ISO 14001:2015 certification, the revision of ISO14001:2004.
1. Concerning environmental pollution related to production activity, H&F is promoting the action of environmental preservation to respond to the change of circumstances by Environmental Preservation Committee as Final Decision Organization.
2. We always recognize the environmental aspect and influence with relation to our production activity products and services and promote environmental preservation and prevention pollution activity and re-examine the environmental management system for continuous improvement as necessary.
3. Observing the relative law, guidance and agreement for environment.

All employees challenge following theme of environmental management for showing positive action about outstanding aspect of environment.

Moreover, we will do our best to create environmental management purpose and target technically and economically, keep them improved. At Environmental Preservation Committee, the current promoted activities shall be grasped and reexamined.

(1) Reducing quantity of industrial waste and recycling
(2) Rationalization of energy consumption
(3) Preventing environmental pollution for
5. This environmental policy has been put into documents and kept to all employees and subcontract business partners informed.
6. This environmental policy shall be disclosed in all times and to any person including interested parties upon request.
Apr 1, 2017.
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