Quality Management

Establishing Quality Management System according to "ISO9001" , H&F are aiming at the manufacturing of excellent products of safety and high reliability and contributing to the development of society. And, through the TPM activity, we are pursuing highest efficiency of production system and are supplying products satisfied completely by customer.

Quality idea

Quality idea
1.Quality 1st
 Aiming to provide excellent products of high safety and reliability making a contribution
 to society.
2.From Viewpoint of Customers
 Aiming first class in technology, enhancing customers' satistaction, securing eternal
3.Quality System by all employees
 All employees are expected to understand and abide by Quality Manual.
Establishment of
Quality Management System
Trasition to ISO9001:2015 was certified “Main Office & Factory” and
“Kumasaka Factory” in September 2020.
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