Company Philosophy


Establishment of Hitachi Zosen Fukui

Establishment of Hitachi Zosen Fukui
In July 1999, "Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation (H&F)"  was formed by consolidation of the Press Division of Hitachi Zosen Corporation and Fukui Machinery Co.,Ltd. (founded in August, 1964) in order to expand and strengthen the business of the Press Machine.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy
1. H&F respect the concept of  " Customer is the first "  to make excellent products and contribute to the society.
2. Aiming at First-class company in the industry by showing creativity and devoting ourselves into development of technology and improvement of company structure.
3. Harmonizing with the employee's and company's target and building up the employee's welfare through company's prosperity.

Business policy

Business policy
H&F wishes to supply best suited product and to increase customers satisfaction and reliability by developing, manufacturing and offering Press Machine, various kinds of Automation Device, Control System and After-sales Services (including inspection, relocation and modification) through own technology.
1-8-28, Jiyugaoka,
Awara-city, Fukui-pref.,
919-0695, Japan
TEL +81-(0)776-73-1220
FAX +81-(0)776-73-3055
・Servo Press
・Mechanical Press
・Automation equipment
・Control equipment
・After-sales Services