Transfer renewal (Mechanical drive ⇒ Servo drive) brings 3 benefits.  

①Improve productivity

①Improve productivity
Items Mechanical drive Servo drive
×: High speed operation is not possible by backlash due to aging.
〇: Reduce backlash by renewal. Maximum acceleration and maximum speed will be improved.
×: Set in the worst condition of all parts. Cannot be changed after completion.
〇: Optimum motion for parts will be set and selected.
×: Vibration and wear caused by backlash causes
- Many mis-grips.
- Many Feed bar connect/dis-connect errors.
〇: Vibration and wear are improved by renewal,and short-stop will be reduced.
 Deterioration over time
×: Many backlash factors (Such as gears)
Increase vibration
Increase noise
〇: Reduce parts that cause backlash
Reduce vibration → Stable transfer
Reduce noise → Improve working environment
[Example of productivity Improved]
Customer-A (TR renewal) Customer-B (TR and DF renewal)
 Before : 950 GSPH
 Before : 12.3 SPM
 After : 1100 GSPH (15%UP)
 After : 18.4 SPM (50%UP)

②Improve maintainability

②Improve maintainability
Item Mechanical drive Servo drive
 Structure image
*Red color parts are not required by adopting servo unit.
 Special parts
×: Many (Such as cams, gears)
  Expensive fabrication cost
  Long lead time
〇:Few(Adapt manufacturer’s standard parts)
  Low cost
  Short lead time(Easy to get)
 Drive part replacement work
×:(Require experienced skill)
〇:Easy to replace
 Trouble shooting
×:Require long term production stop

③Running cost

③Running cost
Item Mechanical drive Servo drive
Refueling amount
Filing amount
Greasing point
×: Many
〇: Few
Reduce lubrication cost
 Operating oil
Oil amount (for cam-shift, etc.)
×: Many
〇: Almost none
Reduce operation oil cost
Initial filling amount
Consumption (Such as cam restriction cylinder)
×: Many
×: Many
〇: Many
〇: Almost none
Reduce primary side air consumption
 Maintenance cost
Consumable parts
Spare parts
〇:Low cost
Note:It may be necessary to update power supply equipment of customer’s plant.
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