After sales service

①Trouble Support
 H&F supplies guick after sales service to the customer in the world using our worldwide network. H&F supports the customer for the machine trouble as a whole company based on original machine manufacturer's experience and know-how.
Perfect Inspection certificate for safety
 In addition to each contracted periodical inspection, H&F proposes preventive maintenance from our maintenance information and minimize big troubles. Also joining to the customers long  term maintenance plan, H&F supports efficient maintenance activity.
 Not only repair and overhaul, H&F proposes modifications to improve safety, production, and maintenance. Various solution for production shop needs such as modification and addition of device using latest technology will be proposed.
④Spare parts
 H&F is proposing important spare parts to minimize down time when trouble happened. Also proposing system upgrading for obsolete electrical parts and FA system.
 Not only in Japan, but H&F relocate machines all over the world. H&F can join the relocation project from planing stage. Also supports overhaul, modification and upgrading and after sales service support after relocation.
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