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Exhibited in MF-Tokyo 2017

H&F exhibited in MF-Tokyo 2017 The 5th Metal Forming & Fabricating Fair Tokyo.
Total visitors for the fair is 31,715(+ 1,254 from last fair)and was successful.
Also a lot of visitors to H&F booth and greatful thanks for the visitors.

Exhibition contents

Exhibition contents
Schedule   2017 July 12(Wed)~15(Sat)
Time         9:00~17:00(10:00~ on Wed, ~16:00 on Sat)
Place        Tokyo Big Sight
  Laser Blanking Line
  Press Line Visualization by IoT
・PR Panel
  Large Transfer Press for High-strength Steel
  Blanking Press Line for Ultra High-strength Steel
  Transfer Press for Aluminum&Steel
  Destack Sheet Feeder for Aluminum&Steel for Tandem Press line
  Large Tandem Press Line
  Auto Palletizer
  Servo Transfer Press
  Flywheel type Peak Cut System
  IoT for Press Line
  CFRTP Forming Machine
  CFRTP Laser Fusion Reinforcement System
  Sheet Loader Replacement for Ultra Large CCFT Transfer Press

H&F booth

H&F booth

New technology presentaion

New technology presentaion
1-8-28, Jiyugaoka,
Awara-city, Fukui-pref.,
919-0695, Japan
TEL +81-(0)776-73-1220
FAX +81-(0)776-73-3055
・Servo Press
・Mechanical Press
・Automation equipment
・Control equipment
・After-sales Services