Servo blanking press line

H&F delivers a lot of blanking press lines for automobile outer panel to the coil center and car manufactures in the world.
H&F combined servo blanking press for our blanking press line.
Optimizing slide speed by servo press, the production noise may be reduced.
Also pendulum slide motion can increase line production speed.

Main Specification

Main Specification
 Press type 
  Tonnage (kN)
  Stroke (mm)
  Press speed (min⁻¹)
  Bolster size (mm)
2500 x 4000
 Coil feeder   Tandem type
  Coil width (mm) ~1830
  Coil thinkness (mm) ~2.8
 Piler   2Stage, 4Row belt, Electro magnet
  Piling size   ~1830 x ~4000 x 2
 Trapezoid shear   Suspended type
 ◎Specification can be changed according to customer's requiest.
    Line speed may very according to the condition.
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