●Any problems such as… ?

●Any problems such as… ?
- Many short stops due to deterioration over time …
- Want to Increase productivity…
- Risk of failure because maintenance parts are difficult to get…
- Vertical start-up after the robot renewal is worried…
1. Update to the successor
 model of the same type.
 (Reuse the robot table)
2. Reuse system control panel.
3. No ATC device.

YASKAWA robot maintenance support

YASKAWA robot maintenance support
Controller ERC MRC XRC NX100 DX100 YRC1000
Sales period ~1994/5
Spare parts × × ×
Repair × × ×
△:Bring actual robot if parts available
Robot renewal brings ;
1. The latest robot have improved maintainability.
     (Also, taking parts out from the removed robot and using them as spare parts is possible.)
2. If the existing robot control panel is ERC or MRC, it can be expected to improve the  cycle time
     of the entire line by renewal.
3. The color touch screen greatly improves the operability of the programing pendant.
4. Greatly improved control performance compared to ERC, MRC and XRC robot control panel.
     (Robot trajectory accuracy, position at emergency stop, position at restart)
    *Even one robot can be renewal (Can be used in combination with old robots)

Schedule sample

Schedule sample

JOB transfer for robot renewal

JOB transfer for robot renewal
1. The existing robot  JOB data shall be provided by the customer in advance.
2. In item 2, die data and part data (3D-CAD) may be required for modeling, it shall be provided in
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